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Creating solutions together


Now that we know each other a little better and you have an understanding of what we're all about over at New Island; we'd love to talk about the sustainable solutions we can create working together. Hop on over to our contact page and let's get a conversation started.

About Us 

New Island Feed was founded in the State of Hawaii as a sustainable corporation in 2018. In 2020, the company re-branded to New Island Farm Solutions to bring a broader variety of farm solutions to Hawaii. Since then, we expanded our team and our offerings to meet the island's growing needs. As a future-looking solutions company, we apply leading global technologies to better assist our farming and ranching community.   


Our Mission

Our mission at New Island Farm is to help Hawaii ranches and farmers do more with less. We strive to provide value to Pacific ranchers and farmers through smart solutions. We promote products, services, and companies that we believe in. We welcome relationships with partners that share our vision and are willing to act to see it come to life.

We believe that by challenging the routine, we improve our quality of life. We believe that through using technology in the right ways, local agriculture can sustain the island people. We trust in a healthy and fruitful collaboration between humanity, technology, science, and the natural world. Through those beliefs, we work each day to fulfill our purpose of enhancing the way we feed our animals and ourselves.

​Core Values

Enhance agriculture operations with quality solutions.

  • Sustainable and responsible stewardship of the Earth and her resources.

  • Apply science to advance the collaboration between humanity and Earth.

  • Develop, integrate, and promote products, services, and organizations of these values.

  • We are the exclusive distributor for the CubicFarm HydroGreen Grow system in the state of Hawaii

Our Partners

  • We work with only the best global partners to bring valuable farm solutions to the islands

  • We work with some of the state's biggest names to bring world-class value and aloha to the agriculture and tourism industries

  • We source the maximum of our business inputs locally and use local contractors in all our projects.

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