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Jonathan Braley 

Founding Farmer |

Jonathan Braley, "Jon", is an applied technology specialist and entrepreneur from an agricultural family with in-depth small business experience and a real-world perspective. He focuses on filling the needs of the Pacific Island's agriculture and tourism industries. After being cured of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Jonathan made the choice to give his life to a greater purpose.


He resigned from his 14-year energy career and moved to the Hawaiian Islands to pursue a cleaner, healthier, and more purposeful life. As a systems expert in his previous career, Jon brings technical expertise and advanced project management to work for rural and remote economies. His passion for clean, healthy, and sustainable foods inspired him to start the business. Coming from a family with centuries of agriculture experience, it gives him the opportunity to carry on a family legacy by sharing it with a community in need of healthier and more stable food and feed sources.


Creating solutions together


Now that we know each other a little better and you have an understanding of what we're all about over at New Island; we'd love to talk about the sustainable solutions we can create working together. Hop on over to our contact page and let's get a conversation started.

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